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Delivering results by aligning teams and building effective and sustainable solutions.

Lidiya Becker is a seasoned operator with 15 years experience across various public and private industries. She began her career in Fortune 500 consulting, first gaining broad industry expertise and then diving deep in numerous leadership roles within e-commerce, industrial goods, automation technology, robotics, and consumer packaged goods.

Lidiya was a founding member of a VC-backed Happiest Baby (maker of SNOO and featured in NY Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Washington Post). She led all operations, enabling growth from $0 to $50M/revenue annually by:

  • Launching DTC into the US, EU, UK, and Australia markets

  • Launching the rental subscription business from pre-revenue to thousands of subscribers monthly

  • Launching domestic and international retail partnerships

As founder of Build It Labs, Lidiya has helped numerous high-growth brands deliver impactful results - including Happy Returns, von Holzhausen, and Henry Rose. Lidiya’s is obsessed with operational excellence and continuous improvement. She takes a unique and holistic approach to delivering results while aligning teams and building scalable systems. 


To see how Lidiya can support your goals, please contact us.

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