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Our passion is to collaborate with founders, operators, or project owners to define a clear path to build, grow, or shift their business.

Lidiya Becker has worked for over a decade across various public and private industries. She began her career in Fortune 500 consulting, first gaining broad industry expertise and then diving deep in numerous roles within e-commerce, industrial goods, automation technology, robotics, and consumer packaged goods.

Lidiya was a founding member of a VC-backed baby tech start-up (featured in NY Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Washington Post). She developed and managed the operational infrastructure and team for the company to scale 3X year-over year, spearheading:

  • E-Commerce business from pre-revenue to an 8 figure annual revenue

  • Rental subscription business from pre-revenue to thousands of subscribers monthly

  • International E-Commerce business across 3 continents, 5 countries, and in 3 currencies

Lidiya’s passion is cutting through the clutter and finding a path from point A to point B through a principled approach. She is best at collaborating with founders, operators, or project owners who want to define a clear path to build, grow, or shift their business.


To see how Lidiya can support your goals, please contact us.

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